Cookies and Smiles Cookies and Smiles 196543999 Follow Us on Instagram! 196543998 This is Owner of Livia's Kitchen selling to our customers at Silverlake Farmer's Market. 196544000 SILVER LAKE! 196544001 Thank You. We want to say thank you, for without our loyal customers, we would not be able to do what we do! 196544002 Brentwood Farmer's Market! Ready to start the day!!! 196544003 Follow Us on Instagram! This is Matthew, he is son of the owner and a huge part of why our company is so great! 196544004 The cookie monster is never wrong. 196544005 Follow Us on Instagram! 196544006 Follow Us on Instagram! Some YUMMY Gingerbread Cookies! 196544007 Brentwood Farmer's Market! One of our most loyal customers! This is Jordan he comes every week for his special treat the Oatmeal Honey Raisin! We Appreciate You Jordan!!! 196544008 Chocolate Chip Cookies 196544009 Follow Us on Instagram! Posted on our Instagram about our Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip! If you haven't tried them yet, Come and Visit Us!!! 196544010 Follow Us on Instagram! Our vendor at the Brentwood Famer's Market got paid with money specially set aside for our cookies! Times like these really make our day! 196544011 Follow Us on Instagram! We now have an Instagram account! Follow us to get the latest on what we are doing, where we are, and just a reminder to come get some gluten free and vegan cookies!!! 196544012 Russian Tea Cakes 196544013 Matthew! Matthew was interviewed for the Malibu Times!!! 196544014 40 Grams of Almonds and 40 Grams of Protein 201815403 YUM! Some of Our Best Sellers! 201815404 Oatmeal Honey Cranberry! Not only does it taste great but its also under 240 calories per box! 201815405 This is Richard! He is a regular at Pacific Palasades Farmers Market! 201815406 Mambo and Aurora! Mambo serves up the best coffee while Aurora serves up the best cookies to dip them in! 201815407 Maggie! Superfan of Livia's Kitchen! Thanks for all the support! 201815408 Carolin is a proud supporter of Livia's Kitchen! And an Amazing customer at the Pacific Palasades Farmers Market! 201815409 Hatti is the cutest princess whom prefers the best cookie in the land! Tea Cakes of Course! 201815410 201815411 A Special Thank You! 201815412 201815413 Gobble Gobble Gobble up some Phenomenal Cookies! 201815414 Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip! 201815415 201815416 201815417 201815418 201815419 201815420 201815421 201815422 201815423 201815424 201815425 201815426 201815427 201815428 201815429 201815430 201815431 201815432 201815433 201815434 201815435 201815636 201815637